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Gladstone Consulting’s Strategic Wind-Down and Liquidation Experience

Aubrey Gladstone

Guiding Gladstone Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, Aubrey W. Gladstone provides coordinated consulting solutions that leverage an extensive background in finance, turnarounds, and restructuring. Among Aubrey Gladstone’s representative projects was the wind-down of a complex group of entities that formerly comprised a major Southern California aerospace corporation.

With the central obstacle being an underfunded pension plan, his consulting team ultimately arranged the sale of the pension liabilities to an insurance firm with national reach. This protected all pensioner assets, while providing the owners with substantial savings and risk avoidance.
Other strategies employed that benefited owners included asset restructuring, lender negotiations, and affiliate mergers. With nonessential subsidiaries sold or shut down, the end result was a dramatic reduction in operating risks, coupled with minimized taxes.
Aubrey Gladstone and his consulting team have handled the liquidation and wind-down of one of the country’s leading human-resources outsourcing enterprises. With this undertaken following the sale of the firm’s client portfolio, elements of the wind-down process included a buy-out of remaining subsidiaries to mitigate owner risk, as well as addressing tax liabilities, lingering lawsuits, and workers' compensation obligations.

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